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The Management & Operation of Nature Education Center and Other Services

Eco Institute Limited currently manages and operates the nature education centers of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, including the  Lions Nature Education Center, Ngong Ping Nature Center, Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Center, Woodside Biodiversity Education Center and Aberdeen Tree Centre , to promote environmental education messages to schools and the public.


Ngong Ping Nature Centre

Camping Equipment Rental Service (for 2-3 People)

Items (Should return after use):

Camping Tent (for 2-3 people) (1 pc)

210 x 195cm camping map (1 pc)

USB camping lamp (1 pc)

HK$400 / 2 days 1 night

(Deposit: $500)

HK$500 / 3 days 2 nights

(Deposit: $600)


For inquiry :2259 3916

Paid Guided Tour 

at Ngong Ping Nature Center

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